who me?

Hi, and thanks for popping by! I am a freelance creative designer who specializes in making sure I provide you with top-notch work you and your business can be proud of.

I hope you enjoy my story below.


Once upon a time, a father unwittingly unleashed a creative monster living within a little girl when he brought home an IBM computer with a Dot Matrix printer. The little girl found a Bannermania program and became obsessed with creating anything she could think of. As she grew so did her love affair with creativity and digital design. One day an evil monster named responsibility crept into her life and slowly took over only allowing her to be creative in her "personal" time. A little over ten years flew by and the girl, now a woman, made her escape back into college for a degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in Photography; but the evil monster found her once again.

What the evil monster did not know is that she would help out friends who had businesses and create her own materials on the side. When the evil monster found out, they used her creativity and although she was allowed to be creative, something did not seem quite right. Finally, after a vicious realization, she knew she no longer had to let the evil monster keep her down, she could start her own adventure and so she did.

Founder + Designer

I am more than happy to help your business create the assets you need for your website, social, digital display, blogs, I can also help with content creation, branding, email newsletters, event invitations, flyers and more. If you have an idea, I would love to hear it to see how we can make it a reality.

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