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Digital Image Library | Keep your Social Calendar Full and Fresh with Custom Digital Images

Some digital images from my fall + winter library

Having a full social calendar is vital for marketing your business, and I don’t just mean drinks at the local pub with friends. For the purpose of this blog, a custom digital image library is essential to have a full and fresh social marketing calendar.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you should know a custom image library is a way to make your unique mark in this instant media world. Your library should have a plethora of digital images that resemble the business's personality or style; genuine content on hand not only for a full social calendar of posts but also for blogs, websites, email campaigns, print campaigns, digital ads and more to allow your business to increase its digital presence.

Allow me to elaborate, in order to increase your digital presence just any ole image will not do, you will need to enhance your brand’s identity, basically like a theme that represents your company so that what image you post is both visually pleasing and recognizable for your target audience. Some basic core images should include several shot options of your product, service, staff member (s), clients, examples of work, location/office space, etc.

In order to maintain your brand identity, wait, let me back up, does your business have a brand identity? If unclear, your business (big or small, size does not matter here) should have consistent colors, fonts, a logo, and as mentioned before, a personality. Those are just a few items needed so that people recognize who and what your business is. How your business is recognized can and will set you apart from your competition, just think that consistency is key!

To stock or not to stock? Sure, you can totally get some great photos from stock sites, or simply just pull images from the internet, but Nah. Stock is just really not authentic, anyone can use similar images, and let’s face it, you can do better! In the world of social media, your business really needs to stand out and you can with some great customized images.

For example, the Holidays are pretty much here so I have been super busy taking multiple photos and making some templated basics to be armed for social media posts through the end of the year. Having a slew of on-brand images are fantastic and can be used in several different ways, as you can see the images from above have been customized below. Please note the images are for Jlee Creative Design and unique to my brand's identity, I feel it is important to point out my digital library would be vastly different from what I put together for a client. That being said, I love super bright images with a little punch of color, I also use a preset texture and clarity to soften my images.

So some things to keep in mind is to find your personality, your style or theme, make sure you maintain consistency and have a ton of images to keep your posts fresh.

If you would like just a little guidance or if you would like to learn more I would be happy to have a chat about how I can help provide quality digital images for your custom library. Please email me and visit the website at


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